to capture a story of a lifetime.

one of a kind web portfolio for an award-winning photographer.

Overview is a website with a unique, time-saving feature called Lightbox. Lightbox's purpose is to allow potential clients to save photos into an album with a personal link to reference for future photoshoots.


Responsive Website (Chrome / Firefox / Safari)


John Amatucci

UX Design
UI Design
Website Development



7 Weeks


the challenge

John came to me to solve particular problems on his current website:

don't overcomplicate the presentation

The current website, powered by WordPress, can’t handle managing the ~4000 photos that clients frequently reference to John for the photoshoots.

feature the type of work he wants to do

John wanted to break into new photography style instead of reusing the old one, but it’s currently tough to showcase or highlight a specific project inside of current CMS.

clients sent PDF’s with his photos

Clients regularly send him PDF’s of photos that they wanted John to shoot for them, which he had to save, print out, which was hard to handle or change.


the solution

Utilize all areas that showcase John’s work, allowing clients to shop around and save photos into albums that they can reference with a web link.

The aim is to let his work speak for his talent. Design better and easier navigation throughout the website.

Lightbox feature will allow clients to “shop” around his website, pick and choose his work, and create albums out of those and edit them later.

Add more categories to show the extent of his work, focusing on photography and videography.

Create a map of all his photos—a quick switch between two modes where clients can browse around all his pictures as tiny thumbnails.


research & process

user research

Through the interview process with John and his clients, I wanted to understand the following:

The current method of uploading photos to the website.

What were the steps that clients took to save and share John’s work for photoshoot reference?

Define categories and levels of importance for navigation and content.

photography management

After long research into different CMS’s, we found the perfect match: Koken. A CMS made explicitly with photographers in mind, allowing them to upload all their photos directly from Lightroom. Koken featured a comfortable and familiar CMS user interface that has the best UX on the market.


People could freely play around the website, adding and removing photos from the album, saving and sharing those albums with friends, or send them directly to John.

After trial and error and more testing sessions, we knew we had successfully created an intuitive experience that didn’t require an explanation to use.

Inspired by adding products onto a cart, we pitched the idea of the Lightbox to John. After creating a simple prototype, we showed it to John. Satisfied with the result, we let some of his clients use the prototype.

quick View

We also pitched the idea of Quick View, a feature that provides customers with the full spectrum of albums currently on the site.

If you’re not sure what you are looking for, this is a great way to browse.


If clients looked for a specific style or a project; we created a set of filters and categories for his entire library of albums.

VR studio walkthrough

We developed a VR walkthrough of his studio for clients and models to familiarize themselves with his studio. We developed a VR interface that allowed people to move towards different rooms by looking at points for a short period.


high-fidelity screens



John's new website launched in May of 2017. One year after the launch, key indicators increased:

monthly visitors increased by 46%

decreased bounce rate by 20%

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