The endquote of audio transcription

Web application made with user-centric design and a reactive user interface.


EndQuote is a web app with a back-end service focused on transcribing audio into downloadable text files. The purpose of the app is to help SEO companies get their transcriptions done fast and cheap and to manage their billing methods easily.


Web browsers (Chrome / Firefox)


StoneMoss Group

Adobe Illustrator
VS Code
Brand Development
UX Design
UI Design
Front-End Development



9 Weeks


The challenge

Many content creators struggle with inbound marketing. YouTubers, Facebook ad managers, podcasters, you name it. You constantly need to create unique and useful content in large quantities.

For digital media & technology

Large SEO studios utilize transcribed audio as an SEO content and need a fast and reliable experience to manage many files.

For Businesses

Companies have a hard time tracking their clients and their transcriptions having to create a multitude of accounts to manage client billing information and transcription files. We counted some companies have 100+ client accounts per company.


The solution

Establish a dashboard and flow where copywriters can upload a multitude of files, pick or create clients, and set billing without leaving the flow or setting up client accounts individually.

One user will house a multitude of sub-client accounts. Establish a simple flow that allows the upload of audio files and assignments of the transcriptions to selected or newly created accounts.

If credit card information changes, allow users to manage billing through a account hub pages.


Research & Process

I had to start with basics and create MVP experience to improve and expand. I figured the main transcription flow is a great place to begin. In a three-day sprint, the developers and I have planned and executed a rudimentary dashboard with login and transcription hooked up to the back-end.

After delivering the prototype to the client and letting their customers transcribe files, we logged our back-end and front-end system usage.

Gained insights

Technical limitations that we encountered made us look into React. That has solved a lot of our Front-End problems and bugs.

Through this process, we learned that users demanded an easier way of managing multiple files per client.

The primary pain that the clients encountered was a need for a feature that would allow them to choose a credit card associated with the account or let them create a billing method quickly upon file upload.

Story Mapping

We learned a lot from our prototypes about our users, their needs, and we knew what we had to do. With newly gained insights, I drafted a story map that the developers and I used to discuss the flow and requirements for the experience and UI design.


High Fidelity Screens

I developed a visual language for EndQuote using Figma and collaborated directly with the developer, creating screens based on their technical requirements and UX insights we gained during our research & prototype phase.



The app launched on October 14th of 2017 and started growing it's user base through advertisement and through the word of mouth.

Two years later StoneMoss Group closed down the app because the industry has drained itself dry by undercutting prices until it wasn't profitable.

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